For communication between payment terminals and cash registers, we developed dedicated driver software, which is increasingly recognized as a standard:

treibauf Pepper as EFTPOS solution now counts an installation base of over 40,000 licenses across Europe, the US and Asia and connects to more than 180 different types of terminals. This can save good money and time in development and support.





Also in the processing – the reconciliation between EFTPOS transactions and the amount credited by the card processor – we have achieved a milestone:

treibauf Matchbox allows an automatic reconciliation and accounting while leaving a maximum control over the data to the accountants. treibauf Matchbox finds the proverbial needle in a haystack, meaning differences in transactions or missing contra-entries and shows them in detail for further processing.


Small and medium-sized merchants often do not have a standardized and flexible solution for integrating different payment data to the ERP system. This is why we developed a cloud-based software solution called treibauf Bluebox. It allows the merchant, in just 5 steps, to convert and import the payment data to their ERP system.


Many times testing of payment terminals is still done manually and different testing devices are needed. Thanks to treibauf Inflagranti software, tests can now be done automatically and independently from any testing devices. It enables the user to close the gaps between development and testing process and to speed up the regression tests, e.g. for new releases.

The method is simple. The Inflagranti software receives a request from the cash register and responds to pre-defined test scenarios.


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