How Matchbox can help you

You know this situation: On the one hand you have the daily turnover of the store on the other hand there’s the credit of the bank. Ideally, the totals match. Otherwise, you have to search for the source of the difference.

That you do not know: treibauf Matchbox completes the credit balance of EFTPOS transactions for you automatically. treibauf Matchbox gathers the payment data from the card processors, analyses the matching of the data streams asset by asset  and exports – if you wish – the verified data to the accounting system. Balanced assets are marked as correct, double bookings are revealed, differences are reported with detailed error messages. Moreover, numerous search and retrieval functions are provided.

Your benefits are obvious: treibauf Matchbox saves you a lot of work, time and nerves. You always have an overview while a detailed monitoring is constantly available. You relieve your employees and gain time for more useful tasks: For example, by anticipating customer complaints in case of false charges. This is also good for the image.