What’s Matchbox?

treibauf Matchbox is flexible

  • internationally usable and works across borders, whether it concerns the processing of 50,000 or 20 million transactions
  • accepts all terminals (integrated and mobile)
  • processes all cards (credit, debit, gift cards and Mobile Voucher)

treibauf Matchbox reduces effort and costs

  • thanks to automated matching of cash transactions with the payment information from card processors
  • thanks to the automatic booking of correct transactions and the listing of the differences
  • because it can be quickly integrated into your system and adapted to your accounting rules
  • assumes all your routine tasks automatically, but always offers the possibility of manual corrections


  • clearly lists all transactions
  • shows all the details of each transaction at your mouse click
  • consolidates the data of all cash register systems (even of different types) and web shops
  • process – sign – book
  • manual corrections are always possible
  • quick error detection trough real-time revelation of differences at transaction level