How Pepper can help you

When we developed the first EFT driver software in 1996 – it was still called treibauf Openvez back then – we could have only envisioned in our wildest dreams that it could become even somewhat of a standard. But we didn’t just dream about it, but set to work to realise our vision.
Today, treibauf Pepper is so flexible and – as required – comprehensive that this EFT driver can rightly be referred to as a universal standard. It unites internationally-agreed standards including all country-specific features and supports the most popular terminals (you can always find an up-to-date list on our home page).

Time Savings
You will save time during the development process. Rely on a proven software component with a clearly-comprehensible API and you will not need to study the comprehensive ECR interface specifications.

Cost Reduction
Thanks to a shorter realisation timeframe, lower costs are also incurred. You can cover various terminals with one single interface.

Concentrating on What is Essential
You can concentrate on your core competences and are no longer burdened by the EFT/POS-problem.
treibauf is your partner and implements expansions, modifications and updates to the driver software.

Many Extras
You will also receive integration support as well as information about country-specific features and the terminal market. We also offer assistance during the certification process within the various countries. As we are constantly involved in new developments on the EFT market, you will benefit directly from first-hand information.