My alarm goes off at 7.30 am. After a light breakfast, the first thing I do is check a few processes that have been running on a VM overnight. Then I have a quick look at my emails to get an overview of acute, pressing matters and plan my own list of what needs to be done that day. At the moment, incidentally, I’m developing the basic software architecture for our latest Pepper solution! It’s developed in C++, but the tests are written in C#.

At 9.40 am I make my way on foot to the treibauf office, where there’s usually still time for a quick coffee, before our daily stand-up meeting based on SCRUM starts at 10.00 am: each member of our team briefly explains what yesterday’s tasks or challenges were and what the objectives are for the day ahead. Today is all about optimising the scalability of our solution in the context of the cloud.

As I code best in a quiet environment, I then normally head back to my home office. I just have to make one important stop on the way though: my daily strength training in the fitness studio, which just happens to be on the way home from treibauf – very practical. 🙂

Then after lunch it’s just me and the code! My home workstation is perfectly set up for this: an ultra-wide screen, two computers (Linux + MacOS) and the perfect lighting conditions, so I can also work in the dark mode of my IDE.

Whether I’m working on bespoke REST API server implementations, or with Postgres or Sqlite databases: the art always lies in creating generic, testable and easy to understand solutions, expressed concisely and elegantly by the code. That’s why on bigger tasks it’s worth really thinking things through first before you start writing the specific code.

What I particularly like about my job here at treibauf? The flexibility with regards to where and how the work is done and the opportunity to develop new cloud solutions from scratch, including the architecture design of server applications and cloud infrastructures, implementations using the newest language standards, database design, server administration, the maintenance of CI/CD pipelines and many more!

My working day ends when I have finished the task I set myself for the day. I like to switch off and wind down by watching a good film on the sofa after dinner.

Maksymilian Palka
Software Developer