How Matchbox helps to implement new business models quickly

16 November 2021

To relieve the burden on its accounts department, Valora relies on Matchbox from treibauf for its new quick-commerce format «avec now». Learn how the software allowed this new business model to be implemented quickly.

Content of the article

The customer

With some 15’000 employees in its network, 11 sales formats and around 2’700 outlets at heavily frequented locations in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, Valora is one of Europe’s leading food and convenience providers.

The challenge

In response to social developments, Valora is currently investing more heavily in e-commerce and quick-commerce formats. Using the new delivery service «avec now», for example, customers in Switzerland can easily order food, drinks or tobacco products online and have them delivered quickly to their homes.

Of course, new formats like «avec now» also create lots of new processes, particularly when it comes to payments and processing those payments in the accounts department. To relieve the accounts department of the burden of payment reconciliation, the group has been relying on Matchbox – automatic payment reconciliation. Now with payment analytics! – for a number of years.

It was then simply a matter of integrating Matchbox into the processes of the new quick-commerce format «avec now» too. It was not just the time factor that was critical, as the project had to be implemented very quickly – all of Valora’s existing processes also had to remain intact during the integration process.

The solution

The Matchbox reconciliation software imports data from cash registers and acquirers, reconciles this data, and automatically creates accounting entries for Valora’s accounting system. By minimising the effort needed to do this manually, automated reconciliation software not only frees up a great many resources in the accounts department, but also presents significantly fewer opportunities for error.

Despite the considerable time pressure of integration, the software’s open interfaces allowed quick configuration in line with existing processes. To do this, the treibauf team first analysed all the specifications together with Valora’s digital team, in order to then tailor the software to the specific group-wide ERP system and remaining IT structure.

The result

«It wasn’t just the incredible flexibility shown by the treibauf team when it came to our group-specific requirements for Matchbox that impressed us, we were also thrilled with how quick the integration process was and, last but not least, how easy and pleasant it was to collaborate with treibauf», says Till Felippi, Head of E-Commerce at Valora Digital, summarising his software integration experience. And what about Valora’s accounts department? Matchbox allows staff to save even more time, leaving them free to concentrate instead on their main responsibilities.

«We were thrilled with how quick the integration process was and how easy and pleasant it was to collaborate with treibauf.»

Till Felippi
Head of E-Commerce bei «Valora Digital»

Why choose treibauf?

Valora has been relying on Matchbox since 2006 and, as a result, has successfully freed up valuable resources in its accounts department. The food and convenience provider also values the opportunity to closely collaborate with treibauf while integrating the software into new e-commerce and quick-commerce formats.

«avec now»
With «avec now», Valora has launched an online delivery service based on its popular «avec» convenience stores. There is a wide range of convenience products to choose from. Goods ordered are composed directly in the «avec» stores and delivered in the quickest possible way.

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