How Matchbox supports Richemont in China

20 March 2021

Richemont China treibauf Matchbox Reconciliation Software
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The Customer

35,000 employees, 25 brands and 2,186 boutiques in 36 different countries: Richemont is one of the leading luxury goods groups in the world, and China with 135 boutiques and 8 brands being one of its most important markets.

The Challenge

Richemont’s goal was to automate the reconciliation of all payments from retail and e-commerce in order to minimize the workload for their finance department. All common payment methods in China including WeChat Pay, Alipay or China Union Pay were to be integrated into the automatic debtor reconciliation. Payment options such as Cash on Delivery (COD) needed to be integrated as well.

The Solution

In close cooperation with Richemont’s IT team and finance department, the treibauf team managed to integrate all payment methods and even COD payment data into Matchbox. The payment reconciliation for eight brands was then automated at one go, with their own online shops, eight accounts on a marketplace and 135 retail stores.

The Outcome

Isaac Lv, Finance Project Manager at Richemont about the benefits of the software:«Matchbox reconciliation software was really impressive: With a matching rate of 99% for retail and 96% for our e-commerce sales, the software has significantly increased the efficiency and effectiveness of our payment reconciliation. Also the monitoring of retail and e-commerce payments improved considerably.»

Isaac Lv Richemont treibauf Reconciliation

«With a matching rate of 99% for retail and 96% for our e-commerce sales, the software has significantly increased the efficiency and effectiveness of our payment reconciliation.»

Isaac Lv
Finance Project Manager, Richemont Commercial Company Ltd.

Why treibauf?

Matchbox has been Richemont’s choice for years in many markets. The software automates the debtor reconciliation and thus considerably reduces the workload for their finance department. In addition, Richemont is very much taken by the competence and smooth cooperation with the treibauf team, especially when it comes to integrating any special needs in a global markets context.

Wie Matchbox Richemont in China unterstützt

Compagnie Financière Richemont SA, also known as Richemont, is a Switzerland-based luxury goods holding company.

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