How Pepper Container supports cloud-based bicycle dealer software Cycly

19 April 2021

Pepper Container
Content of the article

The Customer

Cycly is a cloud-based software specially developed for bicycle traders’ needs. Cycly is a product of OptimaNet Schweiz AG. The company provides cloud – and hosting services in addition to software solutions.

The Challenge

From customer, order, repair and warehouse management to cash register functions, the cloud-based Cycly software combines all relevant areas of a bicycle dealer in one central system.

A connector box connects the hardware devices, including POS terminals, to the software. But how does it communicate with the vast range of POS terminals that bicycle dealers use?

The Solution

The developers at Cycly had already heard of the Pepper solution as a universal communication interface between cash register and POS terminal. As they explained to the treibauf team what the interface needs to be able to do with regard to their cloud-based software, they were introduced to Pepper Container.

The Docker technology behind it is an important basis for cloud-based use and allows the application to run independently of the operating system used for the user interface.

The Outcome

For Cycly, Pepper Container solved two of its key problems at once: With a universal interface, the connection of different POS terminals to Cycly’s connector box has become much easier.

And the Docker technology behind Pepper Container actually made it possible to conveniently use this universal interface as part of a cloud-based system – without having to develop a special container solution.

Pepper Container EFTPOS-Anbindung für Payment Terminals für cycly

«When it comes to terminal integration, Pepper solutions by treibauf are the obvious choice. Pepper Container was easy to integrate directly into our cloud-based system without having to develop anything ourselves.»

Christian Rüegg
Project Manager & Software Developer, Cycly

Why treibauf?

For the developers of Cycly, treibauf, as a provider of Pepper solutions, proved to be an excellent choice by offering a simple method for connecting different POS terminals to the software’s connector box. And with Pepper Container, treibauf even had the perfect technical solution for Cycly’s needs with regard to their cloud software.

Pepper Container EFTPOS-Anbindung für Payment Terminals für cycly

CYCLY is software that was specially developed for the requirements of trading cycles in Switzerland.

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