How Pepper has improved efficiencies at EVENTIM.Inhouse

23 September 2022

CTS EVENTIM is Europe’s number 1 ticketing and live entertainment company, operating multiple ticketing solutions across 23 countries and owning 34 live entertainment companies world-wide.
In order to give their clients more freedom in connecting their desired payment terminals, the company uses Pepper from treibauf.

Content of the article

    The customer

    CTS EVENTIM is one of the leading international providers of ticketing services and live entertainment. Before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, around 250 million tickets per annum were marketed using the Company’s systems – be it through physical box offices, online, or from mobile terminals. Its online portals operate under brands such as,,,, and The EVENTIM Group also includes many concert, tour, and festival promoter companies for events like «Rock am Ring», «Rock im Park», «Hurricane», «Southside», and «Lucca Summer». In addition, CTS EVENTIM operates some of Europe’s most renowned venues, for example the LANXESS Arena in Cologne, the K.B. Hallen in Copenhagen, the Waldbühne in Berlin, and the EVENTIM Apollo in London.

    For over 20 years, EVENTIM.Inhouse has been one of Europe’s leading ticketing systems providers for theatres, opera houses, concert halls and sports organisations. The solution offers white-label ticketing that allows organisations to be able to sell tickets through their own webshop, ticket outlets, box offices and, across the CTS EVENTIM retail and distribution network.

    The challenge

    Operating across 12 countries, the EVENTIM.Inhouse system offers ticketing services to a wide variety of organisations and so the software must be capable of connecting to a wide range of payment terminals, not only specific to the clients’ requirements, but to the local markets it operates in.

    Anyone involves with EFT/POS integrations knows how many terminal models there are – many of them with constantly changing protocols.

    Prior to working with EVENTIM.Inhouse, the solution was able to support some models, but with the increasing internationalisation and specific requests, the team at EVENTIM wanted to offer its customers a wider choice to make their offering even more flexible.

    The team were faced with a decision: to either set up its own infrastructure to support the multiple integrations or find an alternative solution.

    The solution

    Having reviewed the decision internally, the team decided to look at external providers, which after researching, led them to Pepper from treibauf. With a universal interface between POS terminal and cash register, Benjamin Gehrke, Product Manager for EVENTIM.Inhouse and his team, found a suitable solution for their challenge.

    The developers immediately began to integrate Pepper into their POS software, to make the INHOUSE platform even more open and flexible for their customers.

    The result

    The team quickly took advantage of the new flexibility, which included new customer projects in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the UK. As a result of this, the EVENTIM.Inhouse team were able to improve their offering to clients and also reduce integration time – a significant saving!

    «When you operate a ticketing solution across 12 countries, each with their own market-related communication protocols and hardware pseudo-standards, integrations of this scale can get complex and understandably, many of our customers want to be able to connect their preferred EFT/POS terminal to our software. With Pepper from treibauf, we can now offer this – reducing the development time and making the implementation smoother for all»

    Benjamin Gehrke
    Product Manager, EVENTIM.Inhouse

    Why treibauf?

    One of CTS EVENTIM’s subsidiaries was already using Pepper from treibauf and so were able to save a lot of development effort with the universal interface between POS-Terminal and cash register – according to their own statement.
    In addition, the colleagues had already praised the cooperation, reliability and solution orientation of their contact persons at treibauf in advance. As assessment that Benjamin Gehrke and his team were able to support.

    «CTS Eventim»
    CTS EVENTIM is one of the leading international providers of ticketing services and live entertainment.

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