How Pepper is expanding DYNAMO solutions from AKQUINET

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AKQUINET’s DYNAMO solutions are functional extensions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in the fields of finance, payment transactions and POS terminal connection. Discover why akquinet has chosen Pepper as the perfect add-on.

Content of the article

The customer

DYNAMO is an in-house product range from IT consultancy firm akquinet NEXT GmbH. This software portfolio expands and extends Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in the fields of finance, payment transactions and POS terminal connection to include a wide range of additional useful functions.

The challenge

The DYNAMO product range includes the DYNAMO | EFT Connector, which forms the basis for simple integration of cashless payments into the respective ERP system. For this, AKQUINET must first ensure that the many common card terminals can be connected.

However, the development costs required for the cash register interfaces are enormous – not to mention the continuous maintenance needed for these constantly changing communications protocols.

The solution

AKQUINET decided to integrate Pepper, the universal interface for communication between the POS device and the terminal, into the DYNAMO | EFT Connector.

Integrating Pepper has not only significantly reduced AKQUINET’s internal development costs; it has also given the AKQUINET developers the freedom to focus on further developing the DYNAMO EFT Connector, as the continuous maintenance and servicing of these interfaces is carried out by treibauf’s EFT experts.

The result

The DYNAMO | EFT Connector has now been licensed over 1’500 times, with hundreds of new installations every year. As a key interface component, Pepper ensures seamless payment operations on a daily basis, to AKQUINET’s customers’ full satisfaction!

And when terminal operators make changes to communication protocols, AKQUINET can relax, safe in the knowledge that Pepper is always up to date.

«The DYNAMO | EFT Connector has already been licensed over 1,500 times, with hundreds of new installations every year. As a key interface component, Pepper guarantees a stable connection to POS terminals, making it of key importance for our customers’ cashless payment processes.»

Annika Brunner
Head of Licence and Partner Management, akquinet NEXT GmbH

Why choose treibauf?

As the provider of the Pepper universal interface, treibauf is the partner of choice for akquinet NEXT GmbH when it comes to the simple connection of different POS terminals.

What’s more, AKQUINET regularly benefits from the experience and specialist knowledge of treibauf’s experts about POS terminal integration. In exchange, the treibauf team regularly renews confidence and trust through quick, simple and pragmatic solutions.

«akquinet NEXT GmbH»
akquinet NEXT GmbH is an international IT service provider based in Hamburg. In addition to IT advice, the company also provides software integration, development and its own software solutions for its customers.

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