How Pepper saves the restaurant service many hours of work

«With a unique integration Pepper offers our system full compatibility with most terminal types available on the market», says Matthias Melzer, managing director of Melzer Kassensysteme, summarising the added value of the solution for MELZER X3000.

Content of the article

    The customer

    Melzer develops sophisticated cash register software for restaurants and retail stores.

    The MELZER X3000 restaurant accounting and control system was specifically developed for all the requirements of a modern restaurant. The product impresses thanks to an intuitively controlled user interface and high flexibility. Due to its modular design, the system can be expanded to meet specific individual requirements.

    The challenge

    A key system requirement for all customers is that different POS terminals can be connected to the cash register system with ease and flexibility: however, in order to control invoice amount transfers, cancellations or receipt printing at the terminal, for example, the MELZER X3000 has to be able to communicate directly with the POS terminals.

    The problem with that? Different terminal types work with many different communication protocols. In addition, the terminal manufacturers interpret the supposedly similar communication protocols differently.

    It would be an enormous development task for Melzer to develop its own communication interfaces internally for all these different communication protocols and their interpretations – and to keep all these interfaces up to date. Accordingly, as far back as 2013 the company was looking for a suitable solution to make its own system compatible with all the common terminal types in the DACH region.

    The solution

    Melzer quickly came across Pepper from treibauf as a solution. This universal interface between the POS terminal and cash register supports over 90% of communication protocols in Germany, Austria and Switzerland – Melzer’s core markets. As a result, the universal interface facilitates easy connection of more than 100 different terminal types.

    So Melzer can offer its customers maximum flexibility and independence even when it comes to terminal choice.

    «With a unique integration, Pepper offers our system full compatibility with most terminal types available on the market – making it easier to integrate the payment providers behind them», says Matthias Melzer, managing director of Melzer Kassensysteme, summing up the added value of the solution.

    The result

    This universal compatibility is a key selling point when marketing Melzer software.

    Because integration is far too laborious, restaurants usually still use their terminals as stand-alone units – that is without connecting them to their cash register system. This continually results in a lot of work for service personnel: with a card payment, for example, the outstanding amount always has to be re-entered manually at the POS terminal. There is of course also the risk of false entries, which then generates more work for accounting.

    «One of the questions customers ask Sales most frequently is whether their individual POS terminal can be connected quickly and easily to the cash register system. It’s a huge plus point if Sales can answer that question with a yes», reports Matthias Melzer.

    With the help of the Pepper interface the MELZER X3000 system facilitates quick and easy connection of existing POS terminals – making daily payment processes much simpler into the bargain. This can quickly save a restaurant many hours of work a month.

    Pepper doesn’t just free up valuable capacities, though. Restaurants, hotels and retail companies also appreciate the independence it brings: it’s much easier for them to replace a terminal at any time and switch to a payment provider with more cost-effective terms, thanks to the universal compatibility of the cash register software.

    «With a unique integration, Pepper offers our system full compatibility with most terminal types available on the market – making it easier to integrate the payment providers behind them.»

    Matthias Melzer
    Matthias Melzer, managing director of Melzer Kassensysteme

    Why treibauf?

    «We’ve been working with treibauf for over 10 years now – and were very satisfied from the start», says Matthias Melzer, managing director of Melzer Kassensysteme, describing his experience of the collaboration with treibauf.

    «treibauf competently supervised the implementation process, and the comprehensive documentation of the software helped to integrate Pepper quickly into our system», says Michael Schoner, the software developer responsible for Pepper connection, reflecting on the beginnings of the partnership in 2013.

    And since then? «As the solution caused very few issues and problems in our case, we didn’t have to contact Support that often. When a support case did arise, though, it was always quick and easy to get help. Communication via the Pepper support portal is simple and we always get a fast response to our questions.»

    «Melzer pos systems»
    Melzer was founded in November 1994 and has been involved in the development of POS software, primarily for the hospitality sector, but also for retail since then.

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