How Matchbox lightens the load for Accounting and IT at the same time

4 December 2023 – Having already worked with treibauf for some time, Bächli Bergsport is now also using automated payment reconciliation from Matchbox ... Continue reading

How Matchbox simply makes payment reconciliation more secure

26 October 2023 – Like in many hotels, reconciling different electronic payments also takes a lot of time at The Alpina Gstaad. Thanks to Matchbox, Nadine Friedli and her team can now see at a glance which payments match – and where they specifically need to take a closer look. Continue reading

How Matchbox helps accounting experts save valuable time

17 July 2023 – Payment reconciliation of credit card payments used to tie up a lot of valuable resources in the various accounting departments of Michel Reybier Hospitality. After successful automation of the reconciliation processes, the accounting experts can now use their capacities for more exciting tasks. Continue reading

Freedom of choice: the meaning of independence in the context of electronic payments

7 July 2023 – “Unfortunately, we have no choice! We would love to change provider, but the cost is simply too high.” You may already be familiar with such a scenario or something similar. The feeling of no longer really having a choice may be caused by different factors. In this article we ... Continue reading