My working day usually starts with a look at the news. Naturally, I’m particularly interested in anything to do with EFT, so that I always keep up to date. I then usually spend a couple of minutes chatting to my colleagues from Matchbox Support. Because they have the closest contact with customers, this is the best way to get a feel for where current projects are running well – and where a little attention might be required.

Then we have our daily stand-up meeting following Scrum methodology: each member of our Matchbox team briefly explains what yesterday’s tasks or challenges were and what the objectives are for the day ahead. Today we also have our biweekly planning meeting: we discuss the roadmap, as well as how to proceed over the next 2 weeks.

Then at 11.30 I have an online meeting with a new client’s team. This meeting is particularly exciting, because we’re talking about the requirements of the client’s various stakeholders, so that we can design the interfaces accordingly to meet these requirements.

As it’s a lovely day, I head outside at lunchtime: enjoying a light snack in the beautiful treibauf garden and soaking up a little sun in the process.

Then there’s a project review meeting in the late afternoon: a retail company that’s been using Matchbox for 3 months is giving us feedback – on the product, the integration and on working with us. I’m very eager to hear it of course! If the client is once again 100 % satisfied with our team’s work, I’ve definitely earned a little beer in the evening sun after work. 🙂

Ronnie Rupff
Project Manager