While I’m enjoying my first cup of fresh coffee, I open the CRM and take a look at the to-do list I’ve created for the day. There’s a whole series of exciting tasks to complete…

First an internal meeting, at which I’m discussing particular customer requirements with Project Management – and especially how we’re going to respond to them. As I usually work from home in Munich, it’s an online meeting.

Then it’s straight into a Teams meeting with the Head of Accounting for one of the larger retailers. I’m eager to see whether I can persuade him of the benefits of Matchbox. My goal is for his department to take a look at the software for free in a live demo. Because once the accountants experience Matchbox live, they quickly realise how much work the software saves them. That makes the second meeting much easier. 🙂

For lunch I usually go out briefly: a short walk and something light to eat here in my neighbourhood. In the afternoon, there’s another status meeting with my manager – and then I’ve got 2 hours blocked off, so that I can really focus on the issue of the GDPR in the context of Matchbox. That makes a nice change from pure sales matters!

Once I’ve done all that, in the evening I write my to-do list for the next day – and then I’m in the right frame of mind to enjoy my well-earned evening off.

Stefanie Bühler
Regional Sales Manager DACH