EFTPOS connection: Why make things complicated, when it’s so simple?

Ten branches in four different countries and five different types of payment terminals – If that’s your situation, connecting your POS devices to the different types of payment terminals may quickly become complicated, taking up a lot of time in each case.

So what can be done to make connecting POS devices to payment terminals a bit simpler?
No question: Constantly defining new interfaces to ensure stability of communication between POS device and payment terminal is a major expense.

What is more, individually developed interfaces make it more difficult to respond to new market demands frequently, flexibly and in real time. But what if there were an interface that was just as universal and flexible and could reliably connect all current payment terminals with your POS device?

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Key benefits

Pepper: The universal connection between payment terminal and POS device

It was for that very purpose that we developed our Pepper solutions: They link together all current POS systems and payment terminals, making integration easier for IT departments worldwide and ensuring operation takes place smoothly.


Benefit from maximum flexibility.

It doesn’t matter what type of POS systems or payment terminals you are using – Pepper can connect them quickly and reliably.


Save yourself time, effort and expense.

Pepper is a solution that sends the payment amount automatically from the POS device to the payment terminal , avoiding keying-in errors and saving you a lot of time in your everyday operations.


Put your integration in the fast lane

Activation is quicker with Pepper – and the quicker the activation, the sooner you can start using the systems at your POS.


Maximum stability you can rely on.

Tried and tested again and again: Pepper creates a connection you can always rely on.

2 environments, 2 solutions

Depending on which type of POS system you’re using, two different Pepper solutions are available:

Pepper – For all PC-based POS systems.

Pepper Container – For all mobile and tablet-based POS devices.


Customers who place their trust in Pepper

Our Pepper solutions are being used in over 60,000 instances worldwide. Discover just a few of the retailers who are already relying on the Pepper range of solutions to create their EFTPOS connection.
Learn what our customers have to say


The universal EFTPOS connection for all current payment terminals and POS systems

  • Supports over 160 terminal models from 11 different manufacturers
  • Supports 300 different payment cards
  • Supports 23 currencies in 40 countries
  • Over 60,000 installations
Benefits of Pepper

With Pepper, you will benefit from…

… over 20 years of experience

We have been developing this software continually since 1996 and have installed it over 60,000 times since then.

… a solution that is easy to integrate

Thanks to its easily understandable API, Pepper can be integrated into your POS software without any problem at all.

… regular updates

Benefit from continuous updates and protocol expansions.

Pepper Container

Pepper Container was specially developed for the latest generation of mobile and tablet-based POS devices. Its docker technology makes both configuration and maintenance simpler and operates, no matter what operating system the POS systems are running.

Benefits of Pepper Container

With Pepper Container, you will benefit from…

… integration that is even easier than before

Thanks to the REST API, this software is now even easier to integrate than before.

… a system that can be used dynamically

Your POS system accesses to the terminal specific Pepper Container (per terminal one container).


Like to know more about Pepper?

Do you have any questions about our Pepper solutions?
If so, we will be happy to give you all the information you need.

Discover Pepper or Pepper Container
Make use of the facilities on our developer portal. If you have any other questions, our Support Desk is always happy to help you .

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Questions and answers
about Pepper


Which interfaces and terminals does Pepper support?
Can I use a different (model of) payment device for the terminal types included in your list?

The models included in the terminal type list have been tested by treibauf. If you would like to use a different model, please get in touch with us so we can carry out a compatibility test for you, if needed.

Is it possible to use several different types of terminal with a single installation of Pepper?

Yes, if you hold a valid licence to do so.

Terminal model XY is not included in the list of terminal types. Does Pepper support my terminal?

So we can give you a definite answer, please send the following information to Pepper Support: the POS interface/POS protocol that the terminal is running, the name of the terminal provider and the country in which the terminal is being used.

Does Pepper also support alternative payment methods, alongside the conventional ones?

Yes, Pepper is able to process transactions using gift cards, WeChat Pay, AliPay, Apple Pay, etc.

Which operating systems does Pepper support?

Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Where can I find the Pepper log file?

The directory is defined in the file named pepper_config.xml.

Where can I find the developer documents and files for Pepper?

On the download portal

I have downloaded the developer documentation and the test licence from, but would like to receive additional integration support. Do you offer that service?

Yes, we have a customer helpdesk in 5 languages providing maintenance and support, and we also offer integration support for Pepper licences during production. For further information about this, please send an email to

How can I contact Pepper Support?

Full contact details can be found here.

Questions and answers
about Pepper Container

If your question is too specific and is not clearly answered here, please do not hesitate to contact our Support desk.

pepper container

Which operating systems does Pepper Container support?

Windows, Linux and Raspberry Pi ARM.

Where can I find the developer documents and files for Pepper Container?

On the download portal

How can I contact Pepper Container Support?

Full contact details can be found here.