A standard solution for POS terminal integration

Anyone who deals with EFT, POS terminal integration and cash register connections knows that there are countless different POS terminal models – and almost as many different types of communication protocols. And on top of that, there is a plethora of different cash register software solutions out there.

It’s hardly surprising, therefore, that connecting new POS terminals to cash registers often turns into a complex project – and in most cases takes an enormous amount of time. We have developed Pepper – the universal connection between POS terminal and cash register – to take the hard work out of cash register connection and the day-to-day operation of POS terminals.

Would you like more background information? We have provided a basic summary of how cashless transactions work and why they are increasing in importance in this article.

Speed up the process of connecting new POS terminals to your cash register.

By providing a universal interface, our Pepper software makes it easy to connect over 100 different POS terminals to your cash register software.

Pepper software – for reduced effort and greater independence

Our Pepper solutions slash the time needed to integrate new terminals to just a few minutes. Continuous maintenance and regular updates ensure the smooth operation of the cash register and POS terminal alike.

The simplified cash register connection also affords retailers greater independence, as they have the flexibility to select and use the most appropriate POS terminal at any time.

Pepper supports…

  • more than 100 POS terminal models from 10 manufacturers
  • over 90% of the communication protocols used in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • more than 300 card types

Try Pepper now for free!

Do you want to see for yourself how well the Pepper software will fit into your EFT/POS environment? No problem! Following a short registration process, you can download a trial license and developer documentation from the Pepper Developer Portal and try the solution free of charge and without obligation.

Pepper offers the following functions as standard

For terminal models commonly available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Pepper facilitates direct use of multiple important functions. And the best bit: these functions are ready to use as soon as a terminal is changed – with no extra development costs!

  • Purchase of goods by card
  • Recovery function: recover data after system crash
  • Reversals: reverse the last transaction
  • Returns: repayment/credit
  • Settlement: end of day
  • Receipt printing: print till receipt
  • Repeat of last transaction
  • Reprint last receipt

Pepper always pays off

One-off, initial integration into the cash register software


without Pepper


with Pepper

One-off, initial integration into the cash register software

2 to 3 months

Approx. 5 to 10 days

Recurring connection of POS terminals to cash registers


without Pepper


with Pepper

Recurring connection of POS terminals to cash registers

2 to 3 months

(per terminal protocol)

5 minutes

Pepper has proven its worth

  • In use for 25 years
  • More than 70,000 installations
  • Experience of integrations in more than 40 countries
  • Pepper has IT teams worldwide approx. 32.208.000 h of time saved

«Pepper has enabled us to reduce our development time for EFT/POS connection by up to 75%.»

Franziska Dettmar
In-house POS-Systems Consultant at dmTech GmbH

Customers who have placed their trust in Pepper

The standard solution for all cash register connections in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Our Pepper solutions have been specifically developed for all of the POS terminal models, cash registers and corresponding communication protocols commonly used in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We will, of course, also be happy to assist you with all international cash register connections.

Find out which POS terminal models and communication protocols Pepper currently supports:

Find out whether Pepper is already integrated into your POS cash register software:

Two different solutions for two IT environments

We have developed separate Pepper solutions for two different IT environments.


Are you looking for a universal connection to integrate POS terminals into a traditional cash register environment? Then “Pepper Library” is the solution for you.


Do you want to connect to mobile cash registers (thin clients) or have you already moved the software behind your EFT/POS structures to the cloud? Then you should opt for “Pepper Container”.

Special requirements? Cash register connections in non-German-speaking countries?

Some of our customers have specific requirements for their Pepper software, or need assistance from us in integrating POS terminals outside of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In such cases, our experienced EFT/POS experts will be happy to provide support for your specific project on a project basis.

Our Pepper-related services


  • Pepper software maintenance
  • Support in the event of faults
  • Regular product newsletter

Extra services (on a project basis)

  • Integration support
  • Bespoke expansions of the standard functions
  • Advice on EFT/POS issues

Questions and answers regarding Pepper

You can find answers to the most important questions about Pepper here. Further answers to frequently asked questions can be found in our FAQ section.

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Does Pepper also work with cloud-based cash register systems?

Yes, our Docker technology-based Pepper Container solution has been specifically developed for cloud-based cash register systems and the use of mobile cash registers (thin clients).

What IT environment is Pepper suitable for?

We have developed separate Pepper solutions for two different IT environments. Pepper Library is the solution for traditional, PC-based cash register systems. Pepper Container has been developed specifically for mobile cash registers (thin clients) and cloud-based EFT/POS structures.

Which integration options is Pepper available for?

Pepper Library can be integrated in different ways: Procedural integration (C) is equally as possible as object-oriented integration (C++, NET, JAVA).
In the case of Pepper Container, integration is language-independent and takes the form of a Docker technology-based web socket.

Ideas? Requests? Problems?

We are always happy to exchange technical knowledge – or to advise you on your individual problems. There is always a solution.

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