Pepper Library is our Pepper solution developed specifically for traditional, PC-based cash registers. The universal interface makes it easy to connect more than 100 different POS terminals – and therefore grants you greater flexibility when it comes to EFT/POS.

What IT environment has Pepper Library been developed for?

Pepper Library is used for traditional, PC-based cash registers. Pepper is integrated into the cash register software as a library via the standardised Pepper API.

Pepper Library can therefore be integrated into all commercially available cash register software solutions that, as a rule, are also able to function without a network connection (thick clients). We have developed Pepper Container for mobile cash registers (e.g. Android cash registers).

In the case of Pepper Library, the POS terminals are connected via the communication interface available on the terminal (TCP/IP, serial, etc.). We have provided a detailed description of how this connection works in the Pepper Developer Portal.

Which OS is Pepper Library compatible with?

7.0 x86 32‑bit
7.0 x86 64‑bit

10 x86 64‑bit
10 ARM 32‑bit
10 ARM 64‑bit

18.04 LTS x86 64‑bit
20.04 LTS x86 64‑bit

11 Pro x86 32‑bit
11 Pro x86 64‑bit

How implementation works

In order to integrate Pepper Library into your cash register software, you must first download the Library, the developer document and a free trial license from the Pepper Developer Portal.

Next, follow the instructions in the developer document to implement the Library within your cash register software.

Should you require assistance, you can also book our Integration Support Service, where a treibauf Supporter will personally walk you through the implementation process.

Once you have implemented the Pepper Library within your cash register software, you can start by checking whether you have seamless communication with the POS terminal, free of charge.

Once everything is up and running, all you have to do is order your product licenses for permanent use and sign a usage agreement with treibauf.

Take advantage of the free Pepper Library trial license

The Pepper Developer Portal provides you with all of the documents you need for a no-obligation trial of Pepper Library within your own EFT/POS environment.

  • Pepper DLL or Pepper SO
  • Pepper Developer documentation
  • Detailed instructions for implementation
  • Documentation regarding all communication protocols integrated into Pepper
  • Free Pepper trial license

Fix or Rent license?
The choice is yours!

When it comes to licensing the software, we offer our customers two different licensing models:


You pay a one-off license fee for the interface with a specific communication protocol followed by an annual maintenance fee. Further interfaces with other communication protocols require additional licenses.



Our Rent model offers you maximum flexibility. This is because the rent, which can be cancelled on a month-to-month basis, includes all of the communication protocols supported by Pepper. This means that you will not incur any additional costs if you change your POS terminal.

Would you like to learn more about our licensing models? We will be happy to provide you with information and advice at any time. Simply get in touch with us directly.

Order a Pepper Library license

Do you already know what you need? Then you should order your Pepper Library license(s) right away!

Questions and answers regarding
Pepper Library

You can find answers to the most important questions about Pepper Library here. Further answers to frequently asked questions can be found in our FAQ section.

pepper library

How long does it take to integrate Pepper Library?

You should expect the integration of Pepper into the cash register software as a DLL (library) to take around one week. After that it will only take around 5 minutes to connect new terminals.

What IT environment is Pepper Library suitable for?

Pepper Library is our Pepper solution developed specifically for traditional, PC-based cash register systems. Pepper is integrated into the cash register software as a library via the standardised Pepper API.

Which operating systems does Pepper Library support?

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