Automatic reconciliation of your electronic payments – now with payment analytics!

Whether your customers make cashless payments in a retail environment or whether they pay online – the Matchbox reconciliation software automatically reconciles all EFT payments with the corresponding amounts paid into your bank accounts. The payment analytics centre transforms the plethora of payment data into informative diagrams, creating a reliable foundation for more effective decision-making.

Matchbox Software Dashboard

What Matchbox can do for you

Matchbox makes your everyday work easier, as it automates your payment reconciliation process and reduces the amount of manual work to a minimum, thereby freeing up lots of capacity in your accounts department.

The smart way that all data are prepared in the payment analytics centre provides you with a precise overview of the individual transactions concerned and of the fees that apply to all payments. Matchbox users therefore benefit by having the essential information they need to optimise cost structures and make more effective strategic decisions at their fingertips!

Why Matchbox?


Automatic reconciliation of all EFT payments


Reconciliation and accounting with minimum effort

First of all, the reconciliation software imports all of the datasets from the POS devices, card processors and banks, reorganises them into a common format, reconciles them, draws up the corresponding accounting records fully automatically and then exports them into your ERP. Smart suggestions will help you to quickly remove any remaining discrepancies and make sure that they too are converted into matches.


A payment analytics centre that is intuitive to operate


More detailed insights for more precise controlling

The payment analytics centre provides a valuable detailed graphical overview that not only shows the composition of all payments, but the associated fee structures as well, thereby providing you with the ideal foundation to ensure effective controlling and help you make more effective strategic decisions.


Open-source, standardised interfaces


Full flexibility and maximum usability in the future

Whatever new payment systems and technologies may come to dominate the market in the future, the fact that Matchbox makes use of open source and standardised interfaces means that you can easily link new systems to the software at any time, whatever form they may take.

Curious? Give Matchbox a try, free of charge!

Would you like to try Matchbox out for yourself to see how well it works for your company? No problem! We will be happy to give you a short personal introduction and will then activate a demo account for you.

The smart tool for faster payment reconciliation and more effective controlling

Customers who rely on Matchbox

Matchbox works like this







Automatic import of all datasets


Automated reconciliation POS/Webshop ↔ Acquirer


Automated reconciliation Acquirer ↔ Bank


Identifies discrepancies and allows the user to make corrections


Automatically draws up accounting records and exports the data


Your Accounting or ERP system

Analytics centre

Reconciliation Matchbox Software Umsätze

Displays turnover figures

Matchbox Software Reconciliation Kostenstrukturen

Illustrates cost structures

Reconciliation Matchbox Software Matching-Quote

Shows match rates

Reconciliation Matchbox Software Reports

User-specific reports

Specific requirements?
No problem!

Every commercial company has its own payment processes – and therefore also its own specific requirements with regard to its payment procedures or in the way that the payments themselves are processed. Matchbox has been designed so that with little effort, you can configure the software to meet your individual requirements. Simply get in touch with us and we will work together to identify the most effective solution for your business.

The key facts

  • Reconciles and analyses over 80 payment methods simultaneously
  • Smoothly integrates POS, webshops and marketplaces
  • Implemented connection to banks
  • Over 50 acquirers already integrated
  • Compatible with the best-known ERPs
  • In use in over 40 countries

Reading and relaying the most important information

We have put together the most important information about Matchbox in our Factsheet. Easy to download, read or pass on to colleagues.

Our range of services associated with the Matchbox software


Reconciliation and EFT consultancy

What if you have more significant questions about anything to do with reconciliation or EFT? If so, we will be happy to share the knowledge we have accumulated over more than 25 years.

Software maintenance and updates

Matchbox is developing all the time! We are continually developing and improving the software and are adding new features on a regular basis, which means that you’ll always stay up to date.


What if you’ve got a question once the system is up and running? Or maybe something isn’t quite working as you imagined. If you can’t find the answers you need in our FAQs, our professional support staff will be only too pleased to help!

Support during implementation

During implementation, a competent contact person will assist you every step of the way – whether you need help with the simple implementation itself or you are looking for the software to be specially adapted to your needs.

Questions and answers about Matchbox

If you can’t find the answer to your question in our FAQs, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Can I link Matchbox to my ERP?

As Matchbox offers standardised interfaces, linking the software to any ERP is no problem whatsoever.

Do users receive training to show them how to make the best possible use of Matchbox?

Yes. As part of the induction, we provide users with training so that they can make the best possible use of Matchbox and can get the most out of it.

How are the reconciled data from Matchbox exported into my ERP?

Matchbox provides the reconciled data either in the form of an XML file (for sFTP download) or sends it directly to your ERP via WebService.


How can I import my data into Matchbox?

You can import your data into Matchbox either in file format (fixed-length, CSV and XML) or as data streams by means of various APIs.

How long will it take before Matchbox is up and running in my business?

The amount of time needed to integrate Matchbox within your system will depend on the complexity of payment processing. On average, you should allow a period of four weeks for this.

In which countries is Matchbox in use?

Nowadays, Matchbox is already being used in over 35 countries.

What does reconciliation mean?

Reconciliation means matching one thing with another. As far as Matchbox is concerned, reconciliation means matching the card payments made at the POS on the one hand with the notifications of payment from the payment providers on the other.

What POS systems are compatible with Matchbox?

You can link Matchbox to all POS systems. In addition, our Pepper solutions provide a standardised interface to Matchbox.

What usage models and licensing models are available?

We provide the software in the form of an ASP model (Application Service Provider). Alternatively, you can use Matchbox as a conventional on-premise solution.

Which operating systems support Matchbox?

Matchbox is compatible with current operating systems, such as Windows and Linux. As the software is shipped in a docker image, it operates independently of the underlying operating system.

Which payment systems/technologies can I link to Matchbox?

Currently, Matchbox is already able to accommodate a very large number of different payment systems. The fact that it offers a range of standardised interfaces means that other technologies can also be connected to the software with little effort at all.

Questions? Needs? Challenges?

We always enjoy «talking shop» by holding specialist discussions – and we will be happy to advise you about the particular challenge that lies before you. After all, a solution is always at hand.

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