EFTPOS-Testing 2.0: Win the race against time

The available ways of making cashless payments are developing rapidly – and the payment terminals and POS systems are also developing along with them. For IT departments, every new development that is implemented means a race against time.

Testing is mandatory if you want stable processes
After all, a great deal more is involved than simply establishing the connection in each case. In addition to stable communication between payment terminal and cash register, you also need to ensure that payments are processed quickly and the only way to ensure that is with thorough testing.


Your automated solution
to test communication
between payment
terminal and POS device

Nowadays, if you want to win the race against time, you really cannot afford to continue testing your EFTPOS connection manually. Fortunately, Inflagranti is there to do it for you.

Inflagranti is a software package that carries out regression tests automatically, saving you a great deal of time, effort and expense.

Key benefits

Accelerate your testing cycles

Whereas it can take up to 40 seconds to test a single payment manually, Inflagranti needs less than 1 second on average!


Save yourself time and expense.

Automating testing processes frees up resources, which can then be put to good use elsewhere.


Put your test cycles on a secure footing.

Automation eliminates sources of error and makes the testing process even more reliable.


Here’s how Inflagranti works

  • The software records the communication between the POS device and the terminal, replaying it automatically.
  • This means that the terminal doesn’t need to stay connected.
  • Any deviations from the expected results are recorded and compiled in a report.
  • If any irregularities are detected, the tests can be reproduced and repeated as needed.
Further benefits

Inflagranti offers you even more

Maximum flexibility

Inflagranti can be integrated seamlessly into any testing environment.

Audit-standard documentation

Inflagranti not only offers documentation that is reproducible and therefore audit-proof, but also produces reports that will satisfy any audit.


Getting to know Inflagranti

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Which operating systems does Inflagranti support?


Where can I find the developer documents and files for Inflagranti?

On the download portal https://eftdriver.com.

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