Successful webinar forms the starting signal for technology partnership

8 October 2019


Having already worked together successfully for a great many clients, treibauf and Ingenico Marketing Solutions have now officially entered into a technology partnership. This collaboration was successfully launched by holding a joint webinar on the subject of “Omnichannel gift cards”.

Utilising the potential of gift cards

After the two companies had given a brief introduction to their new technology partnership, Ingenico Marketing Solutions first went on to highlight the potential benefits that gift cards can bring to retail businesses.

For example, participants at the seminar learned how integrating gift card systems means that they can increase their turnover, gain new customers, increase customer loyalty, create security and transparency and even generate profits from inactive funds.

An omni-channel strategy as the ideal enhancement

Klaus Paul-Schierhorn, Product Manager Giftcards at Ingenico Marketing Solutions, then went on to explain how adopting a smart omnichannel strategy enables retailers to increase sales even more.

Making the technical integration easier

Until now, some retailers have found that the technical integration of gift cards within an existing POS system posed major challenges on its own, but René de Vries (Strategic Sales & Partnership Manager) and Mladen Mamuzic (Support & Operation) from treibauf quickly put participants’ minds to rest in that regard.

The two representatives from treibauf explained the potential benefits and possibilities provided by Pepper, the universal software interface from treibauf, demonstrating how easy it is to integrate gift cards within a variety of POS systems. After that, they and Klaus Paul-Schierhorn went on to provide detailed responses to participants’ questions.

Anything you’d like to ask?

If you have any questions about omnichannel gift cards or more general questions about integrating terminals within POS systems – simply send us a short e-mail and we’ll be happy to answer your question!