treibauf launches major project in China

28 October 2019

Whether they use Alipay, WeChat Pay, CUP Wallets, international credit cards, Cash on Delivery or conventional debit cards, customers in China’s growing market already have a significantly wider choice of payment methods than those available in Europe. While this means that the customers themselves have a much greater choice, it also creates a lot more work for a retail company’s accounts department. The reason for this is that they need to reconcile the incoming payments from a wide range of acquirers with the amounts owing that are recorded at the cash register and that reconciliation is often carried out manually.

The challenge –

fully automated debtor reconciliation

This is precisely the challenge currently being faced by a major international retail group that is active in the luxury goods sector and already relies upon treibauf solutions in other countries. Now that this client has decided to optimise its offline and online processes in China with the help of SAP software, its next step is to reduce the workload of the accounts department by introducing an automated system it can rely on.

The scope of the project not only includes hundreds of boutiques in all parts of China, some of which are located in the renowned Plaza 66 in Shanghai, but also the webshops of a number of different brands.

The universal reconciliation solution –


In the end, the company group selected Matchbox from treibauf – a software package that the client has already been using in a large number of other markets and has proved to be a success – as a suitable solution to meet this challenge. What Matchbox does is import the datasets from cash registers, the webshop and from card processors, before reconciling them automatically.

Any discrepancies are identified and can be summarised in a report. Thanks to the seamless integration of Matchbox within the SAP environment, reconciled transactions via web-service can even be recorded automatically.

A universal solution to connect terminals to cash registers –


In addition to automated reconciliation and the recording of transactions in the back office, the retail group also wishes to connect particular types of terminal typically used in specific countries to the cash registers and POS devices in its shops and boutiques. In order to achieve that, treibauf is also supporting its client’s needs in the form of Pepper – the universal interface between payment terminal and cash register.

More than just software solutions –

treibauf as a global sparring partner

Thanks to its many years of experience in handling integration and reconciliation projects in 40 countries around the globe, treibauf is much more to its clients than just a supplier of software products. As an experienced sparring partner, we can provide comprehensive and competent advice to companies of all sizes when it comes to streamlining the processing or handling of cashless payments on a global scale.

Do you have any questions about terminal integration or reconciliation on a global scale?

If so, please get in touch! We’ll be pleased to help.

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