treibauf launches new website

1 July 2019

A lot of things have happened at treibauf in the past year – after first redefining our brand, we then embarked on a full-scale overhaul of the treibauf website.

New look, new visuals

It’s not easy to miss: Taking our new brand definition as our starting point, the first thing we did was to revise the visual appearance of our website. The paper aeroplane, which forms our overarching brand identity, stands for the feeling of lightness and effortlessness that using our solutions engenders.

Whether the issue involves integration, testing or reconciliation – all of our products make the processing and administration of cashless payments significantly easier and more effortless. On a product level, the new motifs will strengthen the reputation of our products, which is already established within the market.

Our colour palette is also more clearly defined. Turquoise is our new leading colour, forming a consistent presence across all of our communications media, to ensure that our brand is immediately recognisable.

New website: A stable foundation for our further expansion

We have just completed an overhaul of the content, technical functionalities, UX and design of our website. After its launch on 1 July 2019, the new website will continue to be developed and expanded, so that’s certainly something to look forward to.

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