How to Post & Tax Vouchers – simply explained

5 March 2021 – Besides goods, more and more companies also sell vouchers that customers can use as payment. But what are the ... Continue reading

Update from China – terminal integration & debtor reconciliation delight Richemont

1 February 2021 – As any internationally-active retailer knows only too well, retail is never just retail. And even in the e-commerce sector, different markets have their own peculiarities – especially when it comes to the payment methods used and the processing and completion of payments. So it couldn’t have been more exciting when, ... Continue reading

Practical tips for PayPal: Accounting, reconciliation and more

17 December 2020 – Fast, safe and simple: For buyers, PayPal is becoming an increasingly popular payment method. For retailers, however, PayPal comes with some particularities, especially with regard to accounting for PayPal payments. Find out everything retailers need to consider with PayPal transactions, how to account for them, and how you can ... Continue reading

Ready for smart accounting? This is how digital accounting works

17 December 2020 – Digitisation is changing, making many areas of the working world much simpler. This also applies to accounting. Piles of paper folders are replaced by digital receipts, software automates the postings, and analysis tools simplify the evaluation. Find out how your company can benefit from digital accounting, what the challenges ... Continue reading