Why treibauf?

Because our work is fulfilling
Every day we make sure that the work that people do at POS or in accounts departments around the world continues to flow smoothly – and this in itself actually creates a feeling of flow: People can focus much more on the core tasks, will get more enjoyment from their work and will therefore be more productive.

Because working at treibauf is fun
And it isn’t only for our customers that we aim to create this feeling of flow – we aim to create it for ourselves as well. But what does that mean? We make it possible for our co-workers to devote as much of their time as possible to the things they do best and the things they enjoy most.


What sets someone from treibauf apart?

Some time ago, the German word “treibauf” referred to a person who was constantly active, ambitious and enterprising – and that’s precisely the type of person we’re looking for today.

Shaping what we do, right from the start
Anyone who works at treibauf will automatically get involved in shaping what we do and will take responsibility for themselves and others every day.

We are treibauf

We wouldn’t be what we are today without the individuals who make up our team, every one of whom contributes to our success on a daily basis.

  • Paulo Batista

  • I’m at treibauf because it suits my nature. I am enterprising and restless.

    Nicolas Schwotzer
    Member of the Board/Chief Product Officer

  • I’m at treibauf, because I get bored quickly and so I'm always on the look-out for new challenges.

    Dominique Bächler Schwotzer
    Managing Director

  • I’m at treibauf because I feel at home here.

    Maksymilian Palka

  • I’m at treibauf because I and the members of my team trust one another.

    Patricia Portmann

  • I’m at treibauf because I can identify with the values and principles the company requires of its employees.

    Driton Kuçi

  • At treibauf, I have built up a social circle and I can work flexibly, develop myself professionally, undertake high-value work and enjoy doing so at the same time.

    Mladen Mamuzic

Insights into our daily work

What makes our working day so special? On the one hand, it is the challenging tasks that always require creative solutions. On the other hand, we are always open to new ideas.

At treibauf, the way we interact with our colleagues is marked by respect, fairness and honesty. All discussions take place and all decisions are made on a level playing field. What matters in all cases is the outcome – not the effort you inject into your presentation.


The benefits for our co-workers

We are convinced that treibauf will only do well if our co-workers are happy and at ease, and we do a lot to achieve that.

As well as creating a relaxed working atmosphere, full transparency of pay and our multi-faceted, international team, our co-workers can look forward to a whole host of attractive benefits:


Flexible annual working hours with the option of working from home


The opportunity to work part-time


An annual training budget for each co-worker


A variety of events


A flexible choice of hardware


A half-fare travel card subscription that is paid for


Contemporary occupational pension scheme (BVG, 2nd pillar)


2 locations:
Zurich and
Barcelona (coworking)


Become part of our team

Profiles of all the positions we’re currently recruiting for can be found here. If you’re interested in one of below roles, simply forward an up-to-date copy of your application documentation incl. CV to jobs@treibauf.ch.

Location Zurich (CH)

Currently there are no vacancies. Please come back later again.

Location Barcelona (ES)

Currently there are no vacancies. Please come back later again.

What if your ideal job isn’t one of them?

We’re always pleased to receive spontaneous applications from people who are genuinely active, ambitious and enterprising. So if above jobs aren’t quite right for you but you are looking for a new position, please get in touch with us either by email or call for a confidential discussion on your career.

An internship at treibauf

Regardless of whether you have already gained some initial experience in C++ or Java, whether you have an investigative and enquiring mind or you have the patience of a saint: We offer students the opportunity to spend an internship of 6 months or longer with us – as software developers (m/f/x), software testers (m/f/x) or support staff (m/f/x).

If this sounds interesting, please get in touch with us at least 3 months before the start date of your prospective internship with us. That will give us enough time to clarify how your skills can be used most effectively.

Master’s degree theses

Are you looking for a stimulating topic for your Master’s degree thesis in software development (C++ or Java)? At treibauf, exciting challenges are always on tap. That’s why we offer students (m/f/x) the opportunity to write their Master’s degree thesis here with us.

Here too, we ask: Please get in touch with us at least three months before you start working on your thesis, so that we can schedule how you will be deployed and plan our collaboration.