How Pepper makes till systems easier to connect

7 December 2023 – «For us Pepper works like a universal adapter, which makes it vastly easier to connect different terminal types», says ... Continue reading

How Matchbox lightens the load for Accounting and IT at the same time

4 December 2023 – Having already worked with treibauf for some time, Bächli Bergsport is now also using automated payment reconciliation from Matchbox for its accounting. Discover the motivation behind the company’s decision – and what’s changed since the rollout. Continue reading

Cloud till system: everything you need to know.

31 October 2023 – Cloud till systems offer several advantages that should not be underestimated: they are usually much more flexible and mobile than classic, PC-based till systems. Find out what makes cloud tills stand out, what they offer – and what you need to consider in terms of choice and integration. Continue reading

How Matchbox simply makes payment reconciliation more secure

26 October 2023 – Like in many hotels, reconciling different electronic payments also takes a lot of time at The Alpina Gstaad. Thanks to Matchbox, Nadine Friedli and her team can now see at a glance which payments match – and where they specifically need to take a closer look. Continue reading