Recycle? Upcycle! Give old cards a new life!

21 March 2024


Whether you need a quick creative gift or craft idea for the holidays: your expired (EFT) cards have more potential than you think!

Content of the article

    Three upcycling ideas for your old chip cards

    Here are three ideas for how you can make inspiring small gadgets from old cards in just a few minutes.


    A smartphone stand

    Like video-chatting or watching video-clips comfortably on your smartphone, without having to hold your phone in your hand the whole time? If so, this smartphone stand means you will always be viewing hands-free!

    Step 1

    Bend the card over along a line about 1 cm from the bottom edge of the card until it reaches a 90° angle.

    Step 2

    In the middle of the card this time, bend the card over again by about 90° in the other direction – and your smartphone stand is complete!

    The ready-made smartphone stand


    A bookmark

    Looking for a bookmark that will last a lifetime? All you need is an old card and a pair of scissors. A small tip: Cards that are slightly thinner are especially suitable for this.

    Step 1

    Cut into the card in two places parallel with the long edge of the card, but stop cutting about 2-3 cm from the top of the card.

    Step 2

    Make a diagonal cut on each side at the bottom of the central strip, cutting off a small corner piece. Your bookmark is now finished!

    The ready-made bookmark


    Headphone organiser

    Tired of tangled headphone cables? If so, why not convert your expired card into a practical holder for your in-ear headphones?

    Step 1

    On the old card, mark out three dots – two on one of the short sides and a third one on the other short side.

    Step 2

    Now punch out a hole at each of the three points you marked out. You can either use a pair of hole pliers for this, or simply a hole punch.

    Step 3

    On the side of the card where you punched the two holes, cut a slit from the edge of the card to each hole, using a pair of scissors.

    Step 4

    All you have to do now is to wind your in-ear headphones onto your new headphone organiser. To do that, slot each earpiece through one of the slits, wind the cable around the card and then insert the plug through the third hole: a tangled cable is now a thing of the past!

    The ready-made headphone organiser

    Any other ideas?

    Maybe some more ideas about how to repurpose old cards will occur to you while you’re busy crafting.

    If so… please let us know about them!
    Then we’ll go straight to prototyping 😉

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