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Pepper (in general)

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Does Pepper also work with cloud-based cash register systems?

Yes, our Docker technology-based Pepper Container solution has been specifically developed for cloud-based cash register systems and the use of mobile cash registers (thin clients).

What IT strategy is Pepper suitable for?

Depending on how your IT environment is structured, we have three different Pepper solutions you can choose from: PepperQik is the universal interface offered as a flexible, fully supported cloud solution (SAAS). With Pepper Container, though, you can use Docker technology to install the universal interface on a central server within your cash register network. However, if you’d rather take the classic approach of installing Pepper individually on each cash register PC, then Pepper Library is the right choice.

Which integration options is Pepper available for?

Pepper Library can be integrated in different ways: procedural integration (C) is equally as possible as object-oriented integration (C++, NET, JAVA).
In the case of Pepper Container, integration is language-independent and takes the form of a web socket based on Docker technology. The same applies to PepperQik: the cloud service is integrated via a REST API.

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What does integration mean?

In order to accept cashless payments at the POS, you need a cash register and a payment terminal (also known as a POS terminal). To process payments as quickly, easily and securely as possible, the cash register and payment terminal must also be able to communicate with one another. This requires the integration of communication protocols, such as the ZVT protocol, in the respective cash register software as cash register interfaces.

What does EFT mean?

EFT stands for Electronic Funds Transfer and covers all types of cashless payment transactions. This article summarises how EFT works.

What is a POS terminal?

POS terminal stands for Point of Sale terminal and refers to the device used to identify the payment details to be used for cashless payments. The POS terminal is also known as an EFT/POS terminal, payment terminal or card terminal.

Which countries is Pepper used in?

Pepper has been specifically developed for the POS terminal models, cash registers and corresponding communication protocols commonly used in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Pepper is also already in use in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Which cash register systems has Pepper already been integrated into?

Many cash register software providers have already integrated Pepper into their product to provide a universal connection to POS terminals. You can find a list of all payment terminal software solutions that include Pepper here.

Which terminal models/communication protocols does Pepper support?

Our Pepper solutions support more than 100 payment terminal models from 11 different manufacturers. Is your terminal model one of them? Find out quickly and easily here.

How long does Pepper integration take?

The initial integration effort differs depending on the product solution: for the cloud service PepperQik and Pepper Container you can expect initial integration to take one day. You should allow a week to integrate Pepper Library.

Can I use a terminal model other than those listed?

All models included in the list of supported terminals have been tested. Please contact us if you would like to use a different model. If necessary, we can perform a compatibility test for you.

Is it possible to use different terminal models simultaneously with a single Pepper installation?

Yes, this is possible, but you must ensure that you have the appropriate Pepper licences. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time should you have any questions.

Does Pepper support new cashless payment methods in addition to traditional payment methods (card payments)?

Yes, Pepper also supports new cashless payment options, such as WeChat Pay, AliPay or Apple Pay, alongside traditional card payments. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time should you have any questions.

What licensing models are available for Pepper?

When it comes to licensing the software, we offer our customers two different licensing models: With the Fix model (Pepper Library), you pay a one-off licence fee for the interface with a specific communication protocol, followed by an annual maintenance fee. Additional interfaces are subject to separate licences. Our Rent model (Pepper Library & Pepper Container) offers you maximum flexibility. This is because the rent, which can be cancelled on a month-to-month basis, includes all of the communication protocols supported by Pepper. You will not incur any additional costs if you change your terminal.

How can I get a trial licence for Pepper?

If you would like to perform a no-obligation test of Pepper within your IT environment, you can download a free trial licence. Please note that the Pepper trial licence is limited to certain transaction amounts and can only be used for a limited period.

My terminal model does not appear in the terminal type list. Can I still use Pepper to connect it to my cash register software?

Before it can provide concrete information in this regard, Pepper Support will require the following information: The POS interface/POS protocol that is active on the terminal, the name of the terminal provider and the country in which the terminal is to be used. If you send this information to us via email, we will be happy to provide a personal response.

Where can I find the Pepper log file?

The Pepper log file directory is defined in the pepper_config.xml file.

Where can I find the Pepper developer documents and files?

All of the developer documents and files that you need to integrate Pepper can be found in the Pepper Developer Portal. Simply register and download.

I have downloaded the developer documentation and the trial licence, but I would like further support with the integration. Is this possible?

Yes, please feel free to book our integration support service if you need assistance with the integration. Please contact us for this.


pepper qik

Can terminals without a cloud interface be connected to PepperQik too?

Yes, they can. That’s because we’ve developed our own software component for that purpose – PepperQik Satellite. Satellite is simply installed on the local network and handles communication instead of the cloud interface.

Does PepperQik also work with cloud-based cash register systems?

Yes, our PepperQik solution has been specifically developed for cloud-based cash register systems.

How do I get a test licence for PepperQik?

To test PepperQik for free, you just need to register on our test system – and then we’ll send you a test registration code. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions.

How long does PepperQik integration take?

You should allow around a day’s work for initial integration of the PepperQik REST API. It then takes about five minutes to connect new terminals.

What are the integration options for PepperQik?

PepperQik works no matter the operating system because it uses a REST API: the cloud service can be controlled by all modern cash register systems. For connection to specific end points, the integrator receives a standard REST API, incl. corresponding documentation with sample http requests and responses.

What are the system requirements for PepperQik?

To use PepperQik you need to have a data line connected to the internet. The cloud service requires at least 100 KB/s for both download and upload.

What IT environment does PepperQik require?

PepperQik is our cloud solution, which is controlled using REST API. This means PepperQik works with cloud-based cash register systems and terminals just as well as it does with cash registers and terminals run locally by the retailer.

What licensing models are available for PepperQik?

PepperQik is a cloud software service that is billed monthly or annually (with a discount). You can choose between different models depending on the number of transactions or operations you have per month. This means PepperQik can grow flexibly with your company.

Who hosts PepperQik?

treibauf takes care of the hosting, operation and maintenance for PepperQik.

Pepper Library

pepper library

How long does it take to integrate Pepper Library?

You should expect the integration of Pepper into the cash register software as a DLL (library) to take around one week. After that it will only take around 5 minutes to connect new terminals.

What IT environment is Pepper Library suitable for?

Pepper Library is our Pepper solution developed specifically for traditional, PC-based cash register systems. Pepper is integrated into the cash register software as a library via the standardised Pepper API.

Which operating systems does Pepper Library support?

Pepper Container

pepper container

How long does it take to integrate Pepper Container?

You should expect the integration of Pepper as a Docker image on the central server (library) and its connection to the individual Containers to require around a day’s work. After that it will only take around 5 minutes to connect new terminals.

What IT environment is Pepper Container suitable for?

Pepper Container is our Docker technology-based Pepper solution. It has been developed specifically for mobile cash register systems (thin clients) and cloud-based EFT/POS structures. In principle, different network infrastructures are possible here: The software only needs one central server, which is then linked to multiple Containers from private networks.

Which operating systems does Pepper Container support?



Can I link Matchbox to my ERP?

As Matchbox offers standardised interfaces, linking the software to any ERP is no problem whatsoever.

Do users receive training to show them how to make the best possible use of Matchbox?

Yes. As part of the induction, we provide users with training so that they can make the best possible use of Matchbox and can get the most out of it.

How are the reconciled data from Matchbox exported into my ERP?

Matchbox provides the reconciled data either in the form of an XML file (for sFTP download) or sends it directly to your ERP via WebService.


How can I import my data into Matchbox?

You can import your data into Matchbox either in file format (fixed-length, CSV and XML) or as data streams by means of various APIs.

How long will it take before Matchbox is up and running in my business?

The amount of time needed to integrate Matchbox within your system will depend on the complexity of payment processing. On average, you should allow a period of four weeks for this.

In which countries is Matchbox in use?

Nowadays, Matchbox is already being used in over 35 countries.

What does reconciliation mean?

Reconciliation means matching one thing with another. As far as Matchbox is concerned, reconciliation means matching the card payments made at the POS on the one hand with the notifications of payment from the payment providers on the other.

What POS systems are compatible with Matchbox?

You can link Matchbox to all POS systems. In addition, our Pepper solutions provide a standardised interface to Matchbox.

What usage models and licensing models are available?

We provide the software in the form of an ASP model (Application Service Provider). Alternatively, you can use Matchbox as a conventional on-premise solution.

Which operating systems support Matchbox?

Matchbox is compatible with current operating systems, such as Windows and Linux. As the software is shipped in a docker image, it operates independently of the underlying operating system.

Which payment systems/technologies can I link to Matchbox?

Currently, Matchbox is already able to accommodate a very large number of different payment systems. The fact that it offers a range of standardised interfaces means that other technologies can also be connected to the software with little effort at all.

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