How Pepper makes till systems easier to connect

«For us Pepper works like a universal adapter, which makes it vastly easier to connect different terminal types», says Rüdiger Boesen, Product Management TCPOS at Zucchetti, summarising his understanding of the software. A general contract was consequently concluded for the DACH region back at the start of the 2000s.

Content of the article

The customer

The Zucchetti Group offers software, hardware and IT services relating to the POS, AI-based dish recognition, cashless payment solutions, HR, ERP and so on for companies in a range of industries and sizes, including catering and company/system catering, retail, production.

With more than 8,000 employees, a sales network of more than 2,000 partners worldwide and over 700,000 customers, the Zucchetti Group is one of Italy’s most notable IT companies.

TCPOS is one of the Zucchetti Group’s pioneering till systems. The solution of choice for customers all over the world for more than 20 years – and especially impressive due to its flexible architecture and scalability.

The challenge

We’re writing in the year 2000 (!): the team from TCPOS – at this point not yet part of the Zucchetti Group – regularly face high development costs when it comes to integrating the multitude of different POS terminals in the DACH region.

Rüdiger Boesen came across the very first version of Pepper as an alternative. By integrating all important communication protocols (across all acquirers), this universal interface can make it vastly easier to connect new terminals. Pepper thus has the potential to minimise internal development costs for terminal integration.

The solution

After thoroughly testing the universal interface for connection between POS terminals and till systems, the TCPOS team were quickly convinced by the benefits for their own till system.

«Then as now – for us Pepper works like a universal adapter, which makes it vastly easier to connect different terminal types», says Rüdiger Boesen, summarising his view of the software.

TCPOS and treibauf consequently agreed a partnership for the DACH region back at the start of the 2000s: many till systems were subsequently equipped with Pepper – and still are to this day!

«When connecting card terminals Pepper is the ideal multifunctional solution, which truly includes everything you need!», says Rüdiger Boesen about the partnership between treibauf and Zucchetti.

The result

The reduced time needed for terminal integration is also an advantage for Zucchetti’s customers: not only because the POS systems can be commissioned faster thanks to the reduced integration time – but also because the Pepper team provide continual support and maintenance for all integrated interfaces once they’re live.

treibauf’s support and expertise for the implementation processes are also crucial for a functioning partnership, however: whether it’s support for terminal types already available in the interface – or when more ‘exotic’ terminal types or new functions are integrated together as desired in the course of change requests.

The partnership between the two companies of now more than 20 years speaks for itself. The successful cooperation is also set to continue in the future: Zucchetti now primarily offers its TCPOS till system solutions as SAAS (software as a service) solutions. As treibauf offers the same billing model with Pepper Rent and in future with PepperQik, there’s nothing to prevent further cooperation in the future.

«When connecting POS terminals Pepper is the ideal multifunctional solution, which truly includes everything you need!»

Rüdiger Boesen
Product Management TCPOS, Zucchetti

Why treibauf?

«By focusing on terminal integration, the Pepper team have simply built up key know-how. We benefit from that – whether in the case of more unusual implementations or consultations with acquirers», says Rüdiger Boesen, describing his experience of working with treibauf.

«Project partnership has always worked very well with treibauf too. This is demonstrated by the fact that new communication protocols are regularly and continually added to the Pepper environment. We have been and are very satisfied.»

«Zucchetti Group»
The Zucchetti Group provides software, hardware and IT services to companies, accountants, consultants and trade associations who want to rely on a single partner for all their IT needs.

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