How Matchbox helps to make holidays more restful

27 July 2021

bühnen-bern-traibauftreibauf Matchbox Reconciliation Software

In mid-2018, “Bühnen Bern” decided to streamline its accounting process and make it significantly more efficient with the help of Matchbox.

Content of the article

The customer

With more than 100,000 visitors in each performance season, “Bühnen Bern” forms an important cultural institution that offers interested audience members a comprehensive palette of theatre, musical theatre, dance and concerts.

The challenge

In November 2018, «Bühnen Bern» expanded its in-house offering to include its own café. As far as the accounting processes were concerned, however, this mostly meant one thing: hundreds of additional payments needed to be reliably entered each month, over and above the payments taking place at the box-offices in connection with theatre productions and concerts. As tasks go, this would push any accounting team to its limits.

The solution

The Matchbox software imports data from the various card processors, converts them into a common format and automatically draws up accounting records for the accounting system – in this case, Abacus. By minimising the effort needed to make accounting entries manually, this system of automated entry not only frees up a great many resources, but the software also generates significantly fewer sources of error.

The result

Claudia Ettel, the accounts controller at «Bühnen-Bern», describes the benefits that the software provides as follows: «As an accounts controller, Matchbox has been a great help to me. Previously, the large number of payments pushed me to my limits, especially whenever I went away on holiday. The mere prospect of all of those payments piling up that would need entering once I got back often caused me a certain amount of stress while I was still away on holiday! Thanks to Matchbox, things are now completely different. Nowadays, I know that I will be able to get everything back under control again in just a short time, even if I’m away from the office for a week.»

Buehnen Bern Matchbox Reconciliation Software

»With Matchbox, I can now go away on holiday without any worries whatsoever. After all, I know that once I get back from my holiday, entering the payments that have piled up while I was away can be carried out quickly, leaving me with extra capacity to complete all of my other tasks.«

Claudia Etter
accounts controller at Bühnen Bern

Why treibauf?

«Bühnen Bern» has been relying on Matchbox since 2018 and has successfully freed up valuable capacity in its accounts department. What is more, the accounts department was also impressed by the effective collaboration that was provided when the software was being introduced.

Buehnen Bern Matchbox Reconciliation Software

Bühnen Bern
Bern Theatre, known in the city as Stadttheater Bern, is an opera house and theatre in Bern, the capital of Switzerland.

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