How Pepper enhances the SAP Customer Checkout POS software

SAP Customer Checkout is the point-of-sale software from SAP. The solution has had an integrated Pepper plug-in from treibauf since 2014 to make it easier for retail companies to integrate payment terminals. Why does SAP use Pepper and how does set-up actually work? Find out in our article.

Content of the article

The customer

SAP Customer Checkout is the point-of-sale system from SAP, which can be integrated into SAP S/4HANA or other ERP systems. The software provides rich POS functions to retail, sports and entertainment, and catering businesses, as well as sales and stock updates in real time.

The challenge

SAP Customer Checkout was a completely new development in 2014 – and so is still a new product in the broad SAP portfolio. POS software is often integrated into existing system landscapes and infrastructures. Because of this, amongst other things it has to allow the connection of existing payment terminals to the new POS software. Due to multiple different communication protocols, such integration can often mean enormous expense for retail companies . As the focus is on optimising business processes, the company concludes technology partnerships for topics like this.

«Of course we could have developed a solution ourselves for the integration of our customers’ various POS terminals. However, our clear focus at SAP is to help our customers run better and improve their business processes with our software», says responsible product manager Harald Tebbe of the starting position. «Additionally, global support for an interface like that to different payment terminals would also have been a challenge for us.» As a result, Harald Tebbe was looking for existing solutions on the market in 2014.

The solution

Harald Tebbe quickly came across Pepper from treibauf. The universal connection between POS terminal and cash register, this was the perfect addition for payment terminal integration for SAP Customer Checkout – including continual support and updates for the constantly changing communication protocols. The SAP team was finally convinced following a successful test phase, in which SAP subjected the interface to exhaustive testing.

Pepper was successfully integrated into the SAP Customer Checkout software using a standard plug-in. Accordingly, customers only need to acquire a Pepper licence to connect existing or new payment terminals quickly and easily to their new SAP POS software.

SAP has provided a detailed how-to guide, explaining how integration works in SAP Customer Checkout. The key points of EFT-terminal integration are also summarised in the SAP Help Portal.

The result

Many customers of SAP Customer Checkout use Pepper to simplify and accelerate integration of their EFT terminals – although SAP also gives them the option of integrating their terminals independently. Incidentally, Pepper’s satisfied users also include several well-known European sports clubs and football stadiums.

SAP itself is also very pleased with the universal interface and treibauf’s continual support – quite simply because this plug-in makes its customers’ day-to-day work much easier and also reduces in-house costs considerably.

«Pepper not only offers our customers maximum flexibility when it comes to connecting payment terminals. The support also works extremely well – and that is critical for success in our customers’ daily operations. In the fast-moving payment world, which requires us to react to changes continually, we are simply perfectly prepared with Pepper.»

Harald Tebbe
Senior Manager & Head of SAP Customer Checkout, SAP

Why treibauf?

treibauf has a unique selling point on the market with its universal interface Pepper. This makes treibauf the partner of choice for SAP Customer Checkout when it comes to simple integration of different payment terminals.

SAP also benefits from continual updates for the constantly changing communication protocols and reliable customer support.

SAP is one of the world’s leading producers of software for the management of business processes, developing solutions that facilitate effective data processing and information flow across organizations.

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